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6 x 1.5L KAQUN hyper-oxygenated purified mineral water.

KAQUN water represents a unique development in water chemistry that is able to prevent hypoxia (the lack of oxygen in the body) without side-effects, due to its highly-bound oxygen content.

As a result of KAQUN technology, oxygen is  stabilized in the water to form concentrations of 18-25 mg per liter.

There are no chemicals or toxic materials used in the production of KAQUN, and the oxygen is derived from the water itself; -not from an outside source.

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KAQUN water is not your typical mineral water. It has a low mineral concentration, but has undergone an intensive purification and hyper-oxygenation process. The KAQUN hyper-oxygenation process, has been shown to detoxify, refresh and energize, with regular consumption, as well as increasing performance qualities.


  • Non-carbonated
  • Medical scientific research results
  • Made of spring water with extremely high purity
  • Low mineral content
  • Alkaline reaction
  • High oxygen content
  • Does not contain preservatives, flavourings and any other additives
  • PH value of KAQUN water: 7.6-8.0
  • Total mineral dissolved substance content: 180-220mg/l

Recommended amount to be consumed (daily)

  • To preserve health: 0,5 litre
  • In case of chronic illnesses: 0,75–1 litre
  • In case of excessive mental burden: 1 litre
  • In case of a weak immune system: 1–1,5 litre
  • For sportsmen: 1,5–2 litre
  • For children, pregnant and nursing mothers: 0,2–0,5 litre

The regular consumption of KAQUN water widely enhances life – strengthens the immune system, accelerates the regeneration of the body.

KAQUN enhances the quality of life.


Kaqun water can lose its high oxygen content by boiling or freezing.
Store in a cool dry place, not in direct sunlight

Bottles: BPA-free PET bottles in 1.5 litre / 50.7 oz

Bottled at source: Heredicse source, Bükk Mountains, Hungary.