Organic Kontak Propolis Capsules

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Pack of 5 glass capsules with 100% Certified Organic Italian Propolis

To be used only in conjunction with the PropolAir Propolis Difusers which can be purchased here

For external use only

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Pack of 5 100% Certified Organic Italian Propolis capsules (2gr each), compatible with all Ki Science propolis diffusers, which can be purchased here.

Each capsule is for single use and has an operating life of approximately 122 hours. At the end of this duration, it is necessary to reset the diffuser and change the capsule to start a new cycle.

Instructions for use

Insert the capsule into the diffuser according to specific instructions for each diffuser. Switch on the appliance and start the new capsule. The diffuser will automatically start the heating / cooling cycles.

Please note: When replacing the capsule, wait until the device and exhausted capsule has cooled down.