Platinum Array for Foot Spa


Replacement Platinum Array for Foot Spa

Should only be used in conjunction with the KiScience Advanced Hydrogen Detox Foot spa, which can be found here 

Please see here answers to most frequently asked questions in relation to the Foot Spa and Platinum Array.

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Replacement Platinum Array for Foot Spa

Duration of life is in excess of one year when used for thirty minute sessions daily.

Use the Platinum Array in either one of two ways:

  1. Submerge the platinum array into a footbath and enjoy a relaxing detox foot spa treatment.
    • Use the array in the same way you would use the standard array for your foot spa treatments.
  2. Make pure hydrogen water for you to drink!
    • Select a suitable container, pour the water that you would like to drink into the container, submerge the platinum array into it, and in as little as five minutes the platinum array can begin the process of infusing H2 molecules into the water.
    • Hydrogen water is simply regular water that is infused with extra hydrogen (H2) molecules. It is not distinguishable in taste or texture from regular water.
    • A maximum H2 concentration of between 1200-1600ppb, can be achieved in around thirty minutes for five litres of filtered water.
    • Drink the water within thirty minutes to gain the most benefit from this H2 infusion.