UV Mirror


Working material for A.R.T. (Autonomic Response Testing) and psycho-kinesiology according to Dr. Klinghardt MD PhD

To be used only by practitioners that have attended advanced A.R.T. courses and have been taught about the proper usage by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

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The DNA emits its bio-photons in the UV range. If the DNA is sick, the bio-photon radiation carries the disease information. If this is reflected back, the body reacts with stress.

The main reflection is between 230 and 420 NM. This results in the differences in the results compared to the normal level.

The UV mirror is used to find things that have not been shown using other methods.

Acrylic Frame size: 12 x 12 cm

Mirror surface: 8 x 8 cm

Transparent plastic screws

4 rubber feet